Thursday, November 29, 2007

Would you rock this?

Keyshia Cole was on BET's '106 & Park' this week in an outfit that looked like Prince circa 1986. Hmm, sometimes Keyshia gets it right, other times not so much. What do you think? Would you rock this?

If you want to try a more tame version of this look. Might I suggest downsizing the fur, keeping the belt, and putting on some pants goddamnit! Leggings don't work with everything.

Here are some fur vest from, and Baby Phat. More wearable for your real life.

Who says she doesn't date black dudes?

Here are exclusive pics of the real diva herself, Naomi Campbell, with her latest boy toy Lewis Hamilton. And you thought she only dated Italian billionaires. Well reportedly this Hamilton fella is a Formula 1 race car driver worth $200 million. So there-when it comes to dating the only color she sees is green...

Besides so what if she prefers the company of blondes, no one says anyhing about these characters and their preference for the caucasian persuasion.

And the list goes on.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Check, Little Check-Winter Coat Edition

Celebs with dough know that a good coat is the most important staple of a winter wardrobe. And if you're Gwen Stefani, Hillary Swank, Rihanna, or Jessica Alba then you know that houndstooth is the latest craze. Why not reflect this classic trend in your outerwear?

Big Check...Little Check Part II

Here are some options to get in on the houndstooth trend.

These are from Dr. Jays, Newport News, Banana Republic, and Oscar De La Renta. Can you match coats to the names?

Ok, OK mine is definitely not the De La Renta, its $25 from Conway! Hey!!

He Could Get it!

What's his name? Who cares? Ok if you really must know this is Will Demps and he's some sort of football player. And yes, he is the reason why Letoya Luckett's single sold so many units-did you see the video, damn! All I can say is-ahhhhh.

Dance too much booty in her pants!

Meet Angel lola luv, the latest Video girl to grace the cover of King Magazine and countless videos. Listen I am not one to hate on a chick, and I do think her face is quite pretty, but is this what you negroes want? I'm sorry but her ass looks like it's full of sugar honey ice tea! Buffy-nice ass, Kim K-nice ass, Serena Williams- nice ass, Angel lola luv-deformed freakish tumor ass. I'm sorry fellas but I have never been more proud to be a pancake butt in all my life. Angel girl, you went too big on the implants-gross.

Here's what nice ass looks like:

The Shoe Report

Feet need love too. For your feet, long boots will keep you warm and stylish. In slender cuts or the trendier balloon style, and Grey is the in color this season. These are from Bakers, Alloy, Dr. Jays, Macys, Saks and Payless! See if you can figure out which styles belong to each store.

The Bag Report

Yes it's winter here in the big big city. What should you be wearing on your shoulders? Let me fill you in on something: Satchels are hot, the bigger the better I say, and if you can't afford that infamous YSL Rihanna's been toting around, you can always find a few that have a similar design. These are from and Urban Outfitters.

Puppy Love?

Seems like my man Rashid "Commonsense" gets around like Digital Underground. First Erykah, then Taraji, then Kerry Washington, now Serena! Whew, thats a mouth full. Well I'm not even mad at that cause at least he gets around with the sistas unlike some brothas who shall remain nameless (ahem John Legend!). So go ahead an ho it up Rashid. Oh, and by the way, can you do me next cause you are fine as red red wine.