Monday, September 17, 2007


Starting the work week off right by talking about other people's business.

O.J. arrested...again

Do I smell a publicity skunk? O,J. Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday for breaking into a hotel room. The Juice defended his actions by stating that he and a few friends were simply retrieving a few things that belong to him anyway. Apparently everyone wasn't buying this story because the judge set his bail at $78k. All this drama around the same time as his book release...interesting.

Another one bites the dust

Dwayne and Shoivaughn Wade are calling it quits. Although the couple recently had a newborn in May of this year, its rumored that the couple is seperated with no hope of reconciliation any time soon.

I wonder why?

Kanye trumps 50?

A little premature celebration? Maybe not, so far Mr.West is in the top spot. What better way to celebrate than with wifey.


Alicia Keys new album is due out this november. Finally some real singing sans the synthesizer (yes I'm talking about you Rihanna and T-pain)

Model of the Week: Chanel Iman

Ok so her last name is Robinson, but with a first name like Chanel Iman who needs to know the last name? Pay attention because this girl is on her way to Naomi Campbell status (hopefully without the craziness). She was literally on ever big name catwalk this fashion week, I'm talking Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and yes her namesake Chanel. With looks like this who could blame them for clamoring around her.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday, Sunday


Ahh Fashion week, when I was in undergrad just the mere mention of fashion week would make me wet my pants...then I grew up, got a job, and didn't have time to focus on this, my one true love. So although I know you are all busy with your real lives, here is a glimpse of the stuff that used to make your hearts know before you had deadlines,kitty litter, and kids to worry about. I am only focusing on a few favorites and some new celeb/designers who I am sure people are buzzing about. So ENJOY!

CHURCH FOLK will love designs by two of my faves.
1) Tracey Reese is always elegant and feminine and is known for her signature use of bright colors.

2) Rachel Roy-either she's a genius or she really has some good help, and we all know that's hard to find. Then again genius is associated with insanity, and she was crazy enough to marry Dame Dash (yuck!). Well crazy genius or not, her clothes are beautiful. Contempory, modern, and still lady like.

I called this section SPACE KIDS cause the designs are out of this world.
1) Miss Sixty had some awesome dresses

************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************2) Alexis Pfeifer (Yes Kanye's fiance) debut a line called Ghita. It was pretty cool. Could have been better if she went to design school.

3) Nicky Hilton (sister of robo-whore Paris) debuted a line called "Nicholai" that had some good pieces

4) Baby Phat finally stepped up their game. Some people are callng it KLS' best collection to date.


At first I really wasn't interested in this whole 50 v. Kanye thing. I recognized it for the sick publicity stunt that it is. Plus I didn't like either's first few singles. I mean "Amusement Park" and "Straight to the Bank" are just re-done versions of "Candy Shop" and that other song. Plus Kanye's first two singles have some much synthesizer going on I thought it was German club music-argh! But now that the good music has finally come out on both sides, I may have to eat my words (well not the one's about 50 being a gaylord, I stand by that story). I can't lie I am really feelin' "Big Brother" and "The Good Life" by Kanye, and "I Get Money" by 50 is crazy! (The remix with Milk is even hotter). Soo who will sell more records? Last I heard Ye was in the lead, which I am not surprised at-not cause his music is better, but because thuggin is out of style. And America like's their blacks non-violent and un-threatening. Also America doesn't want their blacks getting too upitty so I suggest Mr. West cool it with the "I'm a genius" stuff. What's so genius about looping with a synthesizer? I digress, I say we all should just get both the albums-except me cause I only buy bootlegs...Yeah, I said it these two guys are millionaires, and I got bills to pay, so Ms. Chin I'll take two for $5 please.


Oprah's New Season Kicked off in NYC last week. C'mon, you got to admit it, this woman is a genius. I want to be just ike her when I grow up, and you should too. While in NY she did a guest spot on hip-hop radio station Power 105.1 with Ed Lover, and ended her feud with 'Late Show' geek David Letterman (who probably begged her to come on his wack ass show). You can't knock Oprah's hustle.
ANTM starts cycle 9 this wednesday 9/19 at 8pm on the CW. Tune in for the answers to such prolific questions as 'Did Tyra's weave get bigger?' 'What the hell is Miss Jay doing in platform stilettos again?' and 'Can any of these chicks be real models?'
Drama, action, and lip gloss galore-gotta love it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS STUPID-The Politics & Culture Report

Ok, ok how much discount fashion and gossip can I be expected to write about? There's more to life than Beyonce posts, and Gucci knockoffs. It's Politics and Culture day here at The Ave. Don't worry I'll be back to writing trash tomorrow, besides you should know this.

Hillary or Obama in 2008, right now I'd be happy with anyone who wasn't trying to commit genocide...


President Beelzebub, I mean Bush, is set to announce the withdrawal of 30,000 troops from Iraq by early next year. According to the news channels this announcement will take place tomorrow night. I guess he got tired of thinking up new propoganda campaigns to lure young minorities to their deaths. Well I, for one, am eagerly anticipating this announcement. My only question is what about the 130,000 troops left?

NYC then & now

According to a NY1 poll New Yorkers are divided about whether or not living conditions in the city have improved over the last 15 years. They asked 576 New Yorkers "Is the city better than 15 years ago?" 41% said YES, 38% said NO, and 18% said it was the same....hmmm. Would it be safe to say that the people who said yes are all wealthy? In reality the margin between the haves and the have-nots is just as great as ever in this city. So where's the improvement?

Best Dressed NYer? What the f&^Q&ck?

Mayor Bloomberg (everyone's favorite republican masquerading as an independent) was just voted one of the best dressed New Yorkers by 'US Weekly'. Of course he is best dressed! I would be too if I was cazillionaire! What the genuises over at 'US Weekly' should be discussing is the good mayor's shady politics. Take for instance this Congestion pricing plan he has been pushing, are people really buying this bull-ish? Do we really think Bloomberg really cares about all the little kiddies in the Bronx with asthma? OR is his real concern generating more dollars for the city? Dollars that will ultimately be spent on what? Education? I don't think so. Let's get one thing straight rich people don't become rich by helping out the little guy. If we look back far enough into the history of Bloomberg's business ventures I am sure we'd find a few that weren't so favorable to the environment or anyone's clean air and quality of living. Furthermore if him and the other NYC political bigwigs are so concerned with fresh air maybe they should all start riding the subway-for real this time Mike-instead of riding in an ozone depleting SUV while pretending to take the 6 train.