Friday, September 7, 2007

What's Poppin?

So you're getting older. You're past 25 but not quite yet late 30s. You know damn well you can't do five hours in five inch heels, and are tired of competing with undergrad freshman at the club. Does this sound like you? Well don't fret, it sounds like a lot of us. Tired of the club scene? Time to move up to the grown & sexy and starting frequenting lounges. Here's one that I recommend:
NEGRIL VILLAGE restaurant at 70 W 3rd street in the Village has a lower level called the "RHUM LOUNGE" If you like Reggae, Hip-Hop and Calypso, a nice mix of adult/professional and stylish types this is for you. The music is loud like a club, but if your feet hurt there is plenty of seating. The bar is always well stocked and offers a wide array of rums from almost every island in the Caribbean. Plus the price range is really good for NYC, most weekends its just $10 at the door (unless you arrive after midnight like I did last week, then they try to hit you up for $20!) There is a dress code: No hats, baggy pants, or athletic apparel. That aside the music, drinks, and crowd are hot, so don't be late!

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