Sunday, September 16, 2007


At first I really wasn't interested in this whole 50 v. Kanye thing. I recognized it for the sick publicity stunt that it is. Plus I didn't like either's first few singles. I mean "Amusement Park" and "Straight to the Bank" are just re-done versions of "Candy Shop" and that other song. Plus Kanye's first two singles have some much synthesizer going on I thought it was German club music-argh! But now that the good music has finally come out on both sides, I may have to eat my words (well not the one's about 50 being a gaylord, I stand by that story). I can't lie I am really feelin' "Big Brother" and "The Good Life" by Kanye, and "I Get Money" by 50 is crazy! (The remix with Milk is even hotter). Soo who will sell more records? Last I heard Ye was in the lead, which I am not surprised at-not cause his music is better, but because thuggin is out of style. And America like's their blacks non-violent and un-threatening. Also America doesn't want their blacks getting too upitty so I suggest Mr. West cool it with the "I'm a genius" stuff. What's so genius about looping with a synthesizer? I digress, I say we all should just get both the albums-except me cause I only buy bootlegs...Yeah, I said it these two guys are millionaires, and I got bills to pay, so Ms. Chin I'll take two for $5 please.

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