Monday, September 3, 2007

Big Up to the Caribbean Massive!

Wha a gwan? All my Jamaican, Haitian, Bashan, Antiguan, Cuban, Trini Massive! HAPPY LABOR DAY!! Bruck shot and wave yuh flag!
Welcome to the new ish in Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Aisha
and I am a Jamaican-American, 27 yr old (September 5th-go Virgo) woman living here in South Queens. I figured I better get up on this blog game while it was still hot, so here I am. I am a former teacher in the public school, a would-be law student, a fashion junkie, and a funny/angry opinionated MFer on some days.

So right about now you will be asking yourself why should you check out my blogspot? What do I have to offer? Give me a chance to put you up on what I like to talk about, here you will find: Music (from urban, to Caribbean, to Rock and Roll Dude!), Art, Politics (Die Bloomberg Die!), Race, Entertainment (Party Info Galore), Sex (yes I said it! And you know u do it so stop frontin), Gossip (both celeb and otherwise) Black Politics, and most impotantly Style and Fashion! On any given day I am liable to write about the state of the black family, why some nuggas aint sh*t, and give you some advice on your style and your life. Sounds like da hotness right?

I called my blogspot 'The Ave' because its short for Jamaica Ave, which (as you Southern Queens Residents know) is the center for fashion and occasional drama for us Queens heads. Since I am also reppin' Flatbush, BK strong it can also refer to Flatbush Avenue. So you can definitely expect some pics from both of these notorious spots.

Since this is my first post, and I need to get back to the Parkway let me keep this short and sweet (like me). Shouts to the 5 Boroughs! But you know Queens and BK is Killin it all day! Holla atcha real soon.

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