Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Politics Report: The 2008 Recession, Murder and Mayhem on the rise

I hate to say it but it looks like purse snatching season is coming back to NYC in full effect. Wait, correction, it's coming back to the whole country because guess what folks, it looks like we're in a...well let's just call it a 'R-session' (the real word is so scary I hate to even write it). But thanks to Bush Jr. and 'reaganomics' we may all be on line at the soup kitchen real soon. Don't believe the hype of the 'R-session'? Well let's just look at the signs:

1)The US Dollar ain't worth sugar-honey-ice-tea. The value of our greenback are steadily on the decline, and will most likely be replaced by Euros in the World Market place. The Yen has us beat and now the Euro? Really folks you might as well start wiping your butt with those Benjamins, or maybe even use them to roll a nice cigarette because you're going to need a smoke after this economic down turn.

2) Unemployment is on the rise. We lost 80,000 jobs this past March alone. That means those bums you know hanging out at the corner store complaining about how they can't get a job, well it turns out they were right. And don't be so smug because pretty soon many of us may be selling loosies outside with them.

3)Foreclosures are up. See#2. No job+no money=no mortgage payment. Banks losing their money=you losing your house. See you at the Y.

4) Watch your Back. According to the NY Post murder rates were up 25% in NYC in the first 3 months of 2008. Remember that movie "Warriors" with the gangs overrunning the streets? Looks like life might imitate art in some big cities real soon. For every 1% increase in the foreclosure rate crime rises 2.3%. Hungry, unemployed, homeless people have nothing to lose and will do whatever it takes to eat. So you might want to start carrying some mace or something in your purse and practice your "Don't f-with me, I'm Crazy" face for the subway. Now all you "middle class" folks who voted for Bush must be feeling real stupid. Welcome to poverty.

The bottom line is tough times seem to be ahead so before you go out and buy a fifth pair of Pradas or $500 sunglasses maybe you should start saving those pennies...then again, spend 'em, in a few months they won't be worth squirt anyway.

Is there any hope?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Temps in NYC were damn near 65 degrees today! No one could be happier about the winter thaw than me. To celebrate here are some pics of what's in store when spring hits us fully. Enjoy these beautiful pics by photographer Donna Jeffries.


This is what it will look like when Barack Obama wins the presidency in '08. WIth Oprah Behind him how can we lose?

Say It Ain't So...Naomi Campbell Banned from Airlines

Sure she's crazy as hell but Naomi Campbell is still one of my favorite supermodels. After all these years she's still fly. But as we all know sometimes the prettiest ones are also the craziest ones (i.e. Kimora Lee Simmons and Mariah Carey). Looks like British Airways has banned Miss Campbell from their planes due to her latest tantrum/attack on British police officers while exiting her first class flight last week. Poor Naomi, when will she learn? Just cause your cute doesn't mean you can act like an animal. Geez doesn't anyone act civilized anymore? Next thing you know she'll be beating up automobiles with umbrellas like Britney Spears. Naomi girl get your wits about you. Some folk can act like that but youse a negro and your next outburst might land you in an orange jumpsuit.

Puppy Love Grows Up? Jay-Z and Beyonce's secret Wedding

People are reporting that Jay-Z and Beyonce were married in a secret ceremony at his Tribeca apartment last weekend. Awww...Camel takes a wife. I must say I am a pleasantly surprised. That should shut up all you 'Big Pimpin' wannabes out there. Being a bachelor forever is not a good look. So unless you want to be the old guy at the club or you don't mind eating strained peas alone at the age of 85 just remember this-marriage: if it's good enough for a 40 year old man who calls himself 'Young Hov' it's certainly good enough for you.


Ok OK I can't hide the truth any longer, I am a black girl and yes I watch 'The Hills'. C'mon don't act like the rest of you don't. And if you don't, well, you should. I mean there are worse things to watch on T.V.-have you seen 'Flavor of Love Season 3'? That show will rot your brain. Besides this show is like 'Sex and The City' only with young girls who are actually pretty (not just pretending they are). And since that movie doesn't come out for at least 6 more weeks 'The Hills' will have to tide you over. The new season started about three weeks ago and has been chock full of fashion, gossip, and mindless drama. Will Lauren and Brody hook up again? Will Heidi be able to mend her relationship with Spencer? Will Audrina follow Heidi's lead and buy a pair of lips? Don't care about the answer to any of these questions, then you my friend can not honestly call yourself a proud African-American. Good day and good night.