Wednesday, September 5, 2007

BATCH PLEASE!*&!^!%##!

Keke Wyatt, the woman who stabbed her husband, is putting out a cd called "Ghetto Rose", and is appearing in Essence Magazine had nothing but ignorant things to say about the status of her "blackness" or lack thereof. In her Essence interview she talks about not being black and wants to reassure us N*ggas (a term her white mother uses only affectionately I'm sure) that we need not be ashamed of our "kinky hair, dark skin, and wide noses". Batch Please! Why do people feel its ok to claim blackness only when its convenient? If you're not black why sing black music? Why target a black audience? I mean really-you don't see Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson naming their cds "Ghetto Rose". Get off them rocks Keke! And while you're at it get off my damn B.E.T thats the negro network fool.

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