Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Harlem Residents get a taste of the Refugee life

And you thought it was just those Katrina folk who had it bad. Over 70 Harlem residents were evacuated from their homes at 305 W 150th street yesterday. The building which included 28 apartments, was being inspected and later found to be unstable and unfit for occupants. The fire department asked inspectors to check it out after they noticed some renovations taking place there. Aparently the owner of this building had been lying to the city about renting it out to tennants. My question is if this building were in say...Central Park West, and inhabited by lets say...wealthy financiers, would the city have waited so long to do something about this issue? Proof positive that from the Mason Dixon to the liberal North, if you're black, to this government you ain't worth Sugar Honey Ice Tea.

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