Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Model of the Week

******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Pay attention people cause this is what a real super model in the making looks like-not like those ANTM chicks. Who is Cintia Dicker? Soon to become a household name, Cintia is a Brazilian model with flamming red hair, who started out doing junior's catalogues like 'Delia's' (umm yes girl, I saw you), and then moved on to representing BIG name designers like YSL. Don't believe the hype? Think I just have a thing for red heads? Well I did used to date one, but that's besides the point. Check out Cintia's hot pics in this months issue of "Elle Accessories" mag, she's on the cover and she is killin' it!

1 comment:

Genna said...

Personally Cintia is my fav model. I think she should be used more often. Lily Cole looks to doll like and has too child like features.