Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Best Dressed NYer? What the f&^Q&ck?

Mayor Bloomberg (everyone's favorite republican masquerading as an independent) was just voted one of the best dressed New Yorkers by 'US Weekly'. Of course he is best dressed! I would be too if I was cazillionaire! What the genuises over at 'US Weekly' should be discussing is the good mayor's shady politics. Take for instance this Congestion pricing plan he has been pushing, are people really buying this bull-ish? Do we really think Bloomberg really cares about all the little kiddies in the Bronx with asthma? OR is his real concern generating more dollars for the city? Dollars that will ultimately be spent on what? Education? I don't think so. Let's get one thing straight rich people don't become rich by helping out the little guy. If we look back far enough into the history of Bloomberg's business ventures I am sure we'd find a few that weren't so favorable to the environment or anyone's clean air and quality of living. Furthermore if him and the other NYC political bigwigs are so concerned with fresh air maybe they should all start riding the subway-for real this time Mike-instead of riding in an ozone depleting SUV while pretending to take the 6 train.

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