Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Bizness!!! Underground Artist of the Month

Meet some of New York's realest beat makers, two artists who are trying to make their name known to the world. They have real raw talent and thats why they are our artists of the month.

AnimositY is his name.... given by street legend mayhem from the ruff headz crew
killed by the jakes due to wrong
identity... animosity grew up in the best borough in ny... brooklyn.. he remains a street legend, known for his androic poetic scrolls, which captures the ears of true hip hop headz.... his crew name is WORDSMITH.. peep his new mix c.d. coming out very soon... Featuring his comrades, one!

***************************Name: Ambush 
Birth place: Brooklyn N.Y. 
Ht: 5ft 5in Wt: 170 Eyes: brwn  Lt Skin. 
Interest: Sports, music, fitness, and money

Motivation: My family and spiritual beliefs are what fuel my hunger. I do not fear failure, I accept the challenge to find ways to improve myself. Through personal growth and failure, I realize that there is strength in weakness for those who seek it. The loss of my mother at an early age provided me the strength to overcome many obstacles.

Favorite Artist: Nas because of his ability to lyrically assault beats while giving vivid details telling stories. Fifty because of his ability to make your head bop while giving you an unbelievable rush.

Old School Favs: Kool G Rap is the original fifty to me and he still gets it in. Big Daddy Kane the RAW album is my favorite of all time. Lord finesse the original funky man nuff said.       

Animosity and Ambush are the future of Hip hop. Remember when Teddy Riley introduced the world to 'New Jack Swing', or The Neptunes made you want to skate board to their outerspace/paired down sound? Well get ready for a new era in sound. If you used to head nod to artist such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, or Az from the firm, then this is for you. Apex Prductions' sound harkens back to an era when hip hop made you do more than dance, it made you think. These guys are the anti-'Cupid Shuffle'. So when your done doing the superman at your best friend's wedding or bah-mitzvah, check out Animostiy and Ambush, your head will nod, and your brain will definitely thank you.

If you don't believe the hype, check out one of their songs for yourself, here's "Morning Hustle"

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