Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last week in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg and City officials continued to prove that they hate poor people.
In an effort to fix a "loop hole" in the housing system. Homeless Commissioner Rob Hess announced that they would be putting restrictions on the emergency housing program that grants homeless families a room for the night when they come to shelters after 5pm. Hess and other anti-homeless city officials argued that these families are putting a financial strain on the city's resources by stayig in shelters every night when they can stay with family members. Hmmm, how can I say this without sounding ignorant? What the f&^^%$% are these people smoking? City Councilman Bill DiBlasio said it best, "For someone to keep coming back to that office and sitting for hours on end, that's not someone playing a game, that's someone who doesn't have an option." Are these city officials crazy? Did they personally go into each house and inspect every family's living situation? How do they know they have a safe, stable place to stay, without hostile, violent, or potentially dangerous relatives? Better question what kind of crazy person would stand outside every night for a room in a nasty shelter when they had other housing options? Obviously Rob Hess must be smoking that good ish. Mayor Bloomberg and his whole operation need to be put out of office.

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